Overview of How Bill of Materials (BOM) work in MYOB Exo

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One of the main reasons many businesses purchase MYOB Exo is for its Bill of Materials (BOM) function but what is it capable of doing and how should they be set up and how do they work? For businesses, which use BOM’s as a core part of their MYOB Exo daily business processes, the people who use BOM’s are integral for the overall business success of the system. So how do you know your business is doing everything the “right” way?

In this video, we explore:

  • The difference between a Kit and Build and when you should use both of those functions;
  • How to correctly set up a BOM within MYOB Exo;
  • When you should and shouldn’t link BOM’s to your stock code listings;
  • The functionality which can be used within a BOM to get the maximum value from the reporting function within MYOB Exo; and
  • The correct timing of the process in BOM’s to ensure the most accurate stock and general ledger transactions within MYOB Exo.

When a business relies on BOM’s and you can get the process correct on a daily basis then you’re a long way to having MYOB Exo achieving everything you want it to do. The key is having the team executing this every time.