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Why Cash Flow is the Truth

With regard to the financial performance of your business, can you trust the information (accuracy) and is the information important (relevance)?

Three Steps to Being a Finance Star

Are you intimidated by a series of words and numbers on a piece of paper? I am not talking about a break-up letter or termination contract (ironically the same thing). This is the story about a gentleman I have worked with for a number of years and about one of our first meetings together.

Three Ways to Grow Your Business

There are really only three ways to grow your business outside of what could be defined as “organic” growth to get the most out of what you already have. Learn about those more in-depth through this post.

Is a Employing Salesperson a Smart Financial Investment?

For most or all SMB’s, the most important part of employing a salesperson is to consider what they will contribute in gross profit dollars, not revenue. Learn how to determine whether or not a salesperson is worth the investment.

Overview of How Bill of Materials (BOM) work in MYOB Exo

One of the main reasons many businesses purchase MYOB Exo is for its Bill of Materials (BOM) function but what is it capable of doing and how should they be set up and how do they work? For businesses, which use BOM’s as a core part of their MYOB Exo daily business processes, the people who use BOM’s are integral for the overall business success of the system. So how do you know your business is doing everything the “right” way?