How Perpetual Stock Should Work in MYOB Exo

If you want to know where so many MYOB Exo systems are breaking down it is in their stock processes and specifically how stock should be impacting the General Ledger. What makes this process challenging for people is they have to look through the forest and can’t see the trees. Businesses have 100’s and maybe 1000’s of transactions impacting stock going through MYOB Exo on a monthly basis. So how can you see where things are breaking down when you have to sift through so many transactions?

Overview of How Quick Insert (How to Adjust Anything) Works in MYOB Exo

Have you ever want to change a large amount of data or add a large (or small) amount of data in MYOB Exo but feared you are going to have go through the tedious task of flicking through 100’s or 1000’s of the same screen over and over again? Fear not, the Quick Insert function in MYOB Exo is going to allow you to adjust or add data in the thousands if you want easily and efficiently.

An Overview of How Transactions are Posted in MYOB Exo

One of the most confusing parts of using the MYOB Exo system is understanding when your transactions go to the General Ledger. If you have previously used basic accounting packages such as Quickbooks, the traditional MYOB or Xero as soon as you enter the transactions they go to the General Ledger regardless of where the transaction is entered.