MYOB Exo Complete Solution

Stage 1 – Complimentary MYOB Exo Ignition Session

This 100% free, no-obligation session isn’t a sales pitch – we deliver 90+ minutes of valuable training to help you get the most from MYOB Exo, crack the biggest challenges you currently face in the system and ignite this truly powerful engine. Each session is based on your specific needs, so you’re guaranteed outcomes to benefit your business.

This complimentary Ignition Session is designed to show we can put our money where our mouth is. If you are going to buy a tangible product, you can touch it, you can feel it, and make a judgment on its quality. We can only show you value by offering this session to you completely free of charge. We want you (and your team) to walk away with as many resolutions as possible to resolve the current problems you have with your MYOB Exo system.

Resolutions can range from the most effective way to complete specific processes to how to get the maximum benefit from a reporting perspective. For this session, we recommend putting aside 1.5 hours or longer so that we can answer the questions you have.

We want to know your priorities, your pain, what you like about the system, how it helps you or does not help you accomplish your goals. If we can understand these points from the Ignition Session, then we can recommend what we believe to be the best plan of attack.

MYOB Exo is a very powerful sports car with six gears, but most businesses struggle to get out of second gear. This session is designed to put you on the path to find the sixth gear in the most efficient manner possible.

This session is 100% obligation and cost free. We are more than happy to help your business on the path to sixth gear in MYOB Exo!

Stage 2 – MYOB Exo Initial Review

In Stage two, we get “under the hood” and take a detailed look at what’s running smoothly, what needs improvement, and how to utilise key reporting tools to add value to your company through powerful insights. This stage is great for every “driver” – whether they fill operational, financial or managerial roles. Get ready for a full inspection and to walk away with an immediate boost in the value you receive from MYOB Exo.

From the knowledge we have gained from the Ignition Session, we then “get under the hood” and review all the aspects of your MYOB Exo system including a full review of financial and operational information. The Initial Review takes on the elements of reviewing the MYOB Exo system itself and meeting with individuals who use the system whether operationally, in finance, or managerial roles.

Integrity is key with financial information and trusting the information being shown is crucial in order to have a true reflection of how the business has actually performed. The financial aspect will include a review of the balance sheet and profit and loss statements to ensure the information is accurate and being distributed correctly. This will also include reviewing processes from a finance perspective to ensure key areas, such as bank, debtor, creditor, and stock reconciliations are completed correctly, as well as all foreign exchange processes are accounted for correctly.

Operationally, we review how the system is used day-to-day which often revolves around stock processes including stock purchasing, receipting, costing, invoicing, and how stock codes are set up. This may also include a review of how Bill of Materials are being used (factoring in MYOB Exo Job Costing if applicable) to ensure the items are set up correctly and followed correctly and how this flows through to the financial reporting of the system.

The third area is reporting. A business might be entering financial transactions correctly and running its day-to-day operations correctly through MYOB Exo, but it may not be very helpful if the key people in the business don’t have access to this information. As surprising as this may sound, all MYOB Exo systems have different reporting systems and sometimes will have inconsistencies in the way reports are revealed in the system. We work with you to understand the reports you need on a daily, weekly, monthly basis and/or as required to ensure it is providing what you need, accurately, every single time.

With the knowledge from the Initial Review and Ignition Session, an Action Plan is developed that, in our opinion, will help your business get the maximum value from your MYOB Exo in the shortest period of time including recommendations based on priorities you have identified on specific areas of your business.

Stage 3A, 3B, and 3C – Clean Data and Reconcile, Training and Systemise

The third stage gets you running full-throttle. Based on the action plan, initial review, and conversations with management, we take a three-tiered approach to correct any issues, fully train every user and systemize your processes.

Stage 3 consists of three sub-stages which are completed concurrently based on the Action Plan, findings from the Initial Review, and conversations with management. Each project will have a different sequence of events while using the same tools and strategies each time.

Stage 3A – Clean Data and Reconcile

Data within MYOB Exo can become messy and working through this mess can be one of the biggest challenges in getting the system streamlined to record all transactions accurately. We’ll break out our tools and get to work in areas, that among others, include Balance Sheet, Profit + Loss, Stock/Bill of materials / Work orders, and everything from debtor groupings to proper security protocols for users.

Data within MYOB Exo can become messy and working through the mess can be one of the biggest challenges in getting the system streamlined to record all transactions accurately. This can include a variety of areas including the following:

Balance Sheet

We work with you to get the balance sheet fully reconciled including bank and credit card reconciling, debtors and creditors from a client/supplier perspective, and stock from an operational perspective. This can also include adjusting the chart of accounts to present the balance sheet information in a more meaningful way.

Profit and Loss

Does the profit and loss statement illustrate an accurate picture of how profitable your business is? We work with your team to ensure the operational steps are complete and correct, so the information which flows through to the profit and loss statement is correct and reconciled. How accountants set up profit and loss statements often provide very little operational value in terms of formatting. We work with you to set up the account structure to provide management with the most meaningful information with no adjustments. This includes accurately describing and recording foreign exchange processes.

Stock/Bill of Material/Works Orders

If you want your MYOB Exo to be accurate and your business to “succeed” with the system, you have to get your stock processes (including BOM’s and WO’s) functioning correctly. This includes having stock information set up correctly, so all aspects of stock purchasing, manufacturing, and selling are linked to the correct general ledger codes. Included in this area are categories used to report stock and to ensure the costing of items is flowing through MYOB Exo correctly.

Other Areas

Based on the findings from the Initial Review and Ignition Session, we will look at the other areas of the system which need to be enhanced or “fixed.” This can range from setting up Debtor Groupings for reporting purposes, having security set up correctly for users of the system, setting up branches to report and link correctly to the system.

Stage 3B – Training

Welcome to driving school. Every user will leave fully-trained to handle this powerful sports car. Our clients know that this pays dividends for years to come, as every user will be able to utilise the full value of MYOB Exo on a daily basis.

One of the main challenges people face when using MYOB Exo is they don’t know the best way to use the system and have never been trained in the most efficient methods. This session is designed to be accomplished either on a one-on-one or group basis depending on the best methodology for the desired outcome we want to achieve.

Quite simply, we want every user to know everything they need to know to complete their role within MYOB Exo successfully. This includes showing users the consequences (positive and negative) of different actions within the system and what we believe is the best practice in their respective roles.

Stage 3C – Systemise

We’ll work with you to systemise the use of MYOB Exo based on your specific needs. This covers three key areas that will give your team maximum efficiency + results: Reporting, Process, and Responsibility.

Systemising takes on three areas in MYOB Exo. The first part of systemising is reporting; we want to make sure MYOB Exo is providing users (including management) the exact information which they require from the system in an easy-to-access and understandable way. Therefore, you become more reliant on the system for knowledge rather than having to adjust data to “make it work.”

The second part of systemising is the process; having every person follow the same process required to have the system produce accurate information every single day. This will prevent people from acting independently of the system and make it easier to isolate mistakes being made in the system make the mistakes significantly easier to rectify.

The third part of systemising is responsibility. Who is responsible for each stage? MYOB Exo will give you the right answer if each person in the process knows what they need to do and when they are responsible for doing it. As part of identifying the process, we also look at who is responsible, for what and when. Most importantly, we ingrain this into the business culture.

Stage 4 – Maintain and Assist

Any sports car needs routine maintenance to stay in top-condition, but you’ll now be empowered to perform this yourself – with much less help from us! We’ll help you maintain optimal quality from your system with monthly reviews + recommendations as well as additional support as-needed.

When you have been through the first three stages, our involvement with a business decreases significantly. The reason is simple: it should! We want your business to stand on its own two feet. The work completed in the first three stages is designed to achieve this outcome. We want your business to get the most from its MYOB Exo from the people who are working with it every working day.

When the first three stages are completed, business owners will realise how much is available to them within MYOB Exo and how much the system is capable of producing. Our role is to maintain the quality by reviewing the system on a monthly basis and recommending “tweaks” to the system. At this point, you will be driving this process because of your knowledge of the system. At this stage, your business will be reaping the rewards because of the work completed in the first three stages.

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