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MYOB Exo System Review and Clean Up

One of the biggest challenges with MYOB Exo is being able to put your finger on what needs to be improved and, specifically, what part of the system needs improvement.

People talk about legacy, and your MYOB Exo is no different. Your system quite often can have a number (few or many) of items which are a legacy of a time when your business was learning the system, experimenting with the best way to operate, or a mixture of both.

Our System Review and Clean Up solution is designed to give your team the system it needs to provide the information to succeed operationally and financially.

Our System Review and Clean Up solution will take you and your team through the following concurrent steps:

  • Financial Review
    • Analyse the Balance Sheet and Profit and Loss sheet to ensure all items are providing an accurate financial reflection of business performance, with particular focus on Exo “problem areas”, such as debtors, creditors, and stock (including “old transactions”)
    • Review chart of accounts to ensure all transactions are being allocated appropriately on the Balance Sheet and Profit and Loss sheet
    • Analysis of the stock posting process including purchasing, foreign exchange (FEX), and manufacturing including Bill of Materials and
    • Any other items we think appropriate/relevant during the review.
  • Operational Analysis
    • Review of stock processes including how the stock is set up within the system operationally including stock, Bill of Materials, Builds, Kits,
    • Stock analysis information including stock quantities, stock valuation, measurements, and other stock management information
    • Any other items we think appropriate/relevant during the review.
  • Meeting with team members
    • We meet with management and team members who use the system to understand how the system is used currently
    • In close consultation with the team and management, determine the vision for the MYOB Exo system and what it will “look like” after the Review and Clean Up has been completed.

Once we complete the planning phase, our focus then turns to making the vision a reality. Once we have determined what areas of the system are going be affected, we work with the team to make the changes. This can range from purging old data, correcting data, and adding new and more meaningful information. This will allow your team to have a system with information which provides clarity and a clean point from which to work.

MYOB Exo Systems and Processes

It is one challenge to understand how to do something in MYOB Exo, but it can be another thing to know how to apply what your business does to the system. What do we mean by this? MYOB Exo training has prescriptive ways of doing things, but it assumes your businesses “real life” processes follow those steps to get the “correct outcome”. What if you receive a creditor invoice before receipting and costing stock? How do you enter a prepayment of foreign currency against a future invoice which will be entered at a different exchange rate? There are dozens, if not hundreds of potential questions where you might know how to do a purchase order or a debtor receipt payment but where do you go when you have a question slightly outside the norm?

Uncertainty and inconsistency about how different tasks and transactions are entered into MYOB Exo can lead to financial and operational discrepancies in the system that have to be avoided to maintain the integrity and accuracy of the system.

During this process, we work with the team to identify the practices, events, and transactions that need to have systems and processes articulated and implemented. To make this happen, we work with you to understand how the process works in reality regardless of the system so that we understand what happens and when. We then determine what we believe will be the best method to implement to achieve the desired outcome (accurate financial and operational information) based on the real-life steps. Then we work with you to go through implementing this process with your feedback to enhance the process if necessary.

This means your team can be confident it will get the right answer to every question (and in the most efficient method possible) for all financial and operational events which occur in your business.

our myob exo services help you get a handle on your financial software

MYOB Exo Training

So many people who use MYOB Exo are self-taught; this is admirable but can also make it very challenging for people. Users frequently ask the question, “Is what I am doing the best way to do this?” One of the challenges with MYOB Exo is quite often there are multiple ways to do the same thing and knowing which way is best can be tricky.

In addition to the work we do with clients in the Systems and Processes offering (yellow means hyperlink to Systems and Processes section), we want to ensure everyone knows how to use MYOB Exo, and has every chance to succeed in his or her role. Most importantly, this includes training through the application. Rather than using a test system or fictitious information, we work with people to go through the basics and the complexities of their roles. This will include the transactions or “events” that confront them and how to enter them into MYOB Exo.

With our one-on-one or group training, we ensure each team member knows the most efficient way to do what they need to do and find what they need to find to succeed in their role, every time!

MYOB Exo Reporting

You might be entering everything correctly but what value does it have if you can’t extract the information and use it to help your business grow and thrive? A lot of people are surprised to find all the financial and operational reports in MYOB Exo don’t always work and, unfortunately, that is true. There are a number of reasons why I believe this might be the case (if we ever meet I would be happy to share with you some of my theories as to why this is) but this doesn’t help your business grow.

We work with you and your team to extract the information you need to know on either a daily, weekly, monthly or ad-hoc basis, but also to ensure that the information on the report can be trusted.

We work with your team and management to understand what you need to know operationally and financially from a reporting perspective. To minimise cost, we always commence with working with what is already in the system as a starting point and extrapolating from there. Our philosophy is simple, if it’s in MYOB Exo, it can be reported, and if can be reported, it can be measured, monitored, and improved!

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