Overview of How Quick Insert (How to Adjust Anything) works in MYOB Exo

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Have you ever want to change a large amount of data or add a large (or small) amount of data in MYOB Exo but feared you are going to have go through the tedious task of flicking through 100’s or 1000’s of the same screen over and over again? Fear not, the Quick Insert function in MYOB Exo is going to allow you to adjust or add data in the thousands if you want easily and efficiently.

Through the use of setting up Quick Insert tables in the MYOB Exo Business Essentials Configurator you can adjust debtors, creditors, stock and pretty much any piece of data within the system you wish to add or enhance.

In this video, we will look at how to:

  • Set up a Quick Insert table;
  • How to find existing Quick Insert tables in the system;
  • How to adjust existing data in the system through using Quick Insert; and
  • How to add additional data using Quick Insert.

This function can give you the power to take control of your MYOB Exo and the direction which you take the system and getting the most from the system. A word of caution, who can have access to this area of the system needs to be limited but in the hands of a responsible few you can get the system from second gear to sixth gear quality information.