Learn more about some of our amazing clients and their experience with CFO Dynamics.

Charles Jackson – Director/Founder of Commander Agquip

“After receiving glowing reviews from reputable clients of CFO Dynamics, we engaged their team to help us receive accurate financial reporting on time. For us, CFO Dynamics is exactly the team we were looking for, someone who could provide a bird’s eye view as a consultant.

As a manufacturing business, we have a range of products, however we realised we had a low GP and we were wanting to increase this. CFO Dynamics took meticulous care in looking at each product, item by item, to drill into the costs of the product, the GP of each product compared to the labour input and provided advice on which products we needed to drop and which ones to increase the prices of.

CFO Dynamics has helped us understand where our breakeven is and what our breakeven goal should be, which helps focus and achieve our targets.

What impresses us most about CFO Dynamics is not only their commitment to understanding our financial status but also understanding the cultural background of our business; being a family business, and having directors who are also part of the family this was important to us.

We appreciate the open and honest conversations and the fact that the team have now knuckled down and prioritised financials.

Justin Jackson General Manager of Sales and Marketing , Coerco

“We engaged CFO Dynamics in 2015 and prior to this we were using MYOB to little success or effectiveness – rather simply as a tool to enter sales and create invoices. We didn’t receive any reporting so we could not trust the information that was going into the system. 

Without CFO Dynamics’ support, we never would have managed our financial reports, right down to divisional reporting the way we have. 

CFO Dynamics has been able to train our staff to use the system too. Their approach took into consideration how our business and staff work and trained them to be able to use the system.  

An important change that CFO Dynamics has made is bringing us into regular finance meetings which has almost turned into monthly coaching to help us understand our finances better. This has enabled us to make confident business decisions that we know are going to impact the business in a positive way and 100 percent focus on improving the profitability of the business.  

What has impressed me most is CFO Dynamics’ ability to deliver a message and explain something, whether to someone on the shop floor or to the CEO, that could be easily understood. This coupled with the preparedness to understand our business, to not put us in a bucket, and willingness to get their hands dirty, to sit with the team and do the work is why we value CFO Dynamics’ service so highly. ”

James – Autoline

“Back in 2014, our main problem was that we did not know where we as a business sat at any given time – we did not know our GP, net profit, or breakeven. And while we received annual financial reports, the information was always a surprise.  

Engaging CFO Dynamics has helped our business overcome this challenge and more importantly, redirect our business to be more focussed on the profitable products and customers. CFO Dynamics has helped us on our growth journey – transitioning to bigger GP and bigger accounts.  

In working with CFO Dynamicstheir professionalism, discipline and diligence shines through. In our bi-monthly meetings, they presents us with figures and exact financials so we are able to track exactly how we are going and if we see any potential decline, we can address it right away. This was one clear reason why we engaged CFO Dynamics.  

The team has been instrumental to our business in setting us on our journey and helping us reach our goals – providing direction on how to do so.   

couldn’t recommend CFO Dynamics enough. They are very easy to talk to and engage withdon’t use jargon, and most importantly comes in at a personal level to support and grow your business.”

Andy Hitchman – Operations Manager

Chris Fischer – CEO

Priya Gunaseelan – Accounts Manager

Bosston Auto Bodies

“We have been working with Brendan and CFO Dynamics for over three years and the impact this has had on our operational and financial knowledge has been immense. We knew we weren’t getting the most from our MYOB Exo system and our team was using the system based on their self-learning. Brendan helped our team understand the system and the most efficient ways to complete their individual tasks and responsibilities. Now we have our MYOB Exo delivering the financial and operational reporting information we need to know on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. This comes together with our end of month process where we bring everything together with Brendan to analyse historical performance and project our profit, balance sheet and cash flow so we know exactly where we are heading. But we can’t achieve any of this without complete control over our MYOB Exo system.”